W 184 D 3 x H 219


A four panel Chinoiserie hinged floor standing screen, the Pacific walnut panelled and crossbanded sections each inset with a gilt background painting of a Chinoiserie scene, the reverse with Pacific walnut panels. The original Victorian.

W 225 D 3 x H 257


A Chinoiserie argent four fold screen, with an ebonised frame, the silvered and gilt panels with a sans traverse design of foliage. The original Art Deco.

W 211 D 3 x H 225


A stainless steel umbrella stand, with figured marble drip trays.

W 34 x D 19 x H 56


A leather and brass equestrian umbrella stand, the circular top with four horse's head finials atop bamboo cast brass supports, joined by a brass drip tray, on hoof feet.

W 30 x D 30 x H 59


A curious umbrella stand, the three verdigris brass and leather strapped 19th century Can Can boots joined by a rope-twist and hand gilt centre issuing tassels and a brass carrying handle. Inspired by a 19th century French original.

W 34 x D 29 x H 86


A solid mahogany hall or coat stand, the turned column interspersed with brass triple arms, on reeded downswept legs with brass feet. The original Regency.

W 57 x D 57 x H 173

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