The Company – A Century of History


In the beginning of the 20th century, in 1909 a signature was created, that was meant to become a benchmark of the Greek furniture branch. The initiator and creator Aristides Kourtis, driven by his love for furniture, imagination and perseverance of quality, established a small furniture workshop in Kifissia.


In the 30’s his son, Ioannis Kourtis reorganized the company. The handmade creations by Kourtis, became an inextricable part of the most exquisite rooms created at that decade and the period following, after the Second World War. That was the time when high society families, became permanent residents of the till then, suburb of Kifissia. They were choosing the unique creations, discerning that beyond the aesthetic perfection, furniture by Kourtis, is a work of art and of great investment value. In the coming years, the company is maintaining its own personality, expanding his relationships with demanding customers in Athens.


In 1981 Aristides Ioannis Kourtis assumes the management of the family business, having completed his studies at the University of Pireaus. The new spirit with fresh ideas and a modern look, the scientific study of the market and the aim of stabilizing the company, as a market leader in the furniture sector, has contributed in evolving the company and raising it to new heights. The company conceptualized an innovative and very bold idea for that period, with creating a prototype exhibition space; an intersection point for creations by leading international firms from around the world. The market had changed forever, and with that the company’s strategic decision to disconnect itself from the construction Spain, Italy, Great Britain, America, the creations of the most important representatives were exhibit for the first time in one place.


Today, 108 years after Aristides Kourtis first started redefining the furniture market in Greece, Kourtis operates on two exhibition spaces for house furniture , office furniture and kitchen area (one in Maroussi and one in Alimos), a space especially dedicated to our little ones , Kourtis Junior and the Stock Place, which combines office spaces and warehouses, spanning a total space of 5000 sq.m. in Kifissia.   Within the changes in time we evolve, and with the rise of the hospitality industry in Greece we created a special division, KOURTIS CONTRACT, to best serve the businesses within it. We have created new partnerships with the most renowned brands in every corner of the world in order to be able to provide our customers with timeless pieces that stand out for their uniqueness. And their highly competitive value. A total commitment to quality, honesty, being thorough, seeking to be innovative in decorative ideas and always remaining respectful to our clients are values that we feel are and will always remain non-negotiable for us. It is those very values that will serve as the foundation for the Kourtis brand to further evolve and expand in years to come. It is the way we, at Kourtis, write our history and define the future.


  • Advise on interior solutions and space planning.
  • After sales service, in case of any problem our company’s technician will pay a visit, to register and resolve the problem.
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